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The Future of Smart HVAC Systems

giantsgarden30_002 Moving into a new home (or leasing an office) is often an expensive and overwhelming experience for most homeowners. By the time the closing costs, as well as moving costs, rack up, most people do not stop to think about the bones and structure of a home. And when an HVAC system suddenly burns out and it is time for yet another big investment, the gut reaction is to buy the cheapest HVAC system possible. But the purchase of the cheapest HVAC system, via the local home improvement store and which likely has poor temperature management, often ends up as the most expensive proposition in the long run. Just setting the thermostat at 72 degrees, which at first appears to be energy efficient, can result in taxing most HVAC systems as they churn on and off all dayand endure temperature swings as much as 10 degrees in either direction.
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Ground sourced heat pump system to save 40% of AC costs for Floreasca Park office complex in Bucharest

Robert Neale Before HPT implemented its heat pipe systems, Erickson Living had faced a costly challenge when conditioning the air on its multi-story buildings. HVAC units that Erickson Living installed brought in 50% outside makeup air. However, due to the natural high humidity in the Baltimore area, the outside air had to be overcooled to extract enough moisture to make to suitable for use in residential and work spaces. As a result, the conditioned, dehumidified air had to be reheated for use, even in Summer. This cost $2,300 per year, per floor of each Erickson Living building. Erickson Living is now able to eliminate those costs through the installation of HPTs wrap-around heat pipe systems, which have no moving parts and cost nothing to operate.
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Erickson Living Installs HPT?s Passive Dehumidification Systems, Saving Thousands on the Cost of Reheating AC Output Air

To meet this need, Absolute Comfort Heating and Air Conditioning, a Charlotte air conditioning company , also in Fort Mill, SC, provides fast and professional air conditioning service to ensure a highly functioning AC system at an affordable price. AC technicians from this industry-leading heating and cooling company in Charlotte , NC, or Fort Mill, SC have been trained and certified to handle all AC systems, old and new, and have the ability to work in both residential and commercial buildings. Unfortunately, most people never have their AC systems examined or maintained, which ends up costing more money than it should have when an AC system has to be completely repaired or upgraded. Regular AC service can increase the lifespan of any AC system and help to prevent large and expensive repair issues down the road. While the Charlotte, NC, & Fort Mill, SC area is sizzling hot during the summertime, in the winter its a different story. Highly-rated heating service and repair technicians from Absolute Comfort Heating and Air Conditioning have the expertise to promptly diagnose any issue with residential and commercial heating systems.
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Absolute Comfort Heating and AC, in Charlotte, NC, & Fort Mill, SC, Offers $79 Service Calls

In the past, she has worked as an editor for an indoor-circuit TV station and also collaborated with several newspapers. You can send her press releases or feed-back on her articles by e-mailing irina.popescu@romania-insider.com Leave a reply Real estate developer Portland Trust has recently unveiled a 120-meter-deep shaft, one of the main components of an innovative heating and cooling system to be implemented in the Floreasca Park office complex located in North Bucharest. The new technology is heating and ac systems based on a ground sourced heat pump system and uses the grounds temperature and thermal mass to heat and cool Floreascas offices, which promises to be the greenest building in the capital city. This system will save up to 40 percent of the air-conditioning costs. The geothermal heat pump consists of a series of underground pipes set in over 60 vertical boreholes with depths of 120 meters, which are then collected in one main pipe and connected via the heat pump to the air-handling units on the roof. The non-freezing fluid in the underground pipes will be circulated by means of a pump through the earth with constant natural temperature of 10-14 degrees and will be extracting or releasing the required heat. In addition to this system, Floreasca Park also has special double-glazing combined with anti-heat reflection system on the south and west facades to reduce solar gain and vertical fins on the western facades to minimize the suns penetration, according to the company.
Full text here: Ground sourced heat pump system to save 40% of AC costs for Floreasca Park office complex in Bucharest

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