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Are Rental Yields High Compared To Uk Interest Rates?

Rental Housing Crisis Straining Long Island's Economy

However, the markets that we live in today are not traditional and valuations have been impacted accordingly. Quote from PropertyForum.com : The subject of a new high-speed rail link (HS2) between the North and South of England is something of a political hot potato at the moment with concerns that property prices are being impacted in some of the more affluent areas of the country. The key to this situation is the yield currently available on savings which is minimal to say the least with UK base rates steadfast at 0.5%. In effect, when you take into account inflation, there are very few if any savings account which would allow your money to grow in real terms or even to retain relative value going forward. As a consequence, a yield of in excess of 6% from a rental property in some parts of the UK compares favourably to minimal savings income. Property prices If we now put aside the comparison between UK base rates and property rental yields, and look at property prices on the whole, there are also other reasons why they are moving higher.
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Are rental yields cheap compared to UK interest rates? According to the report, unless Long Island adapts to meet these growing needs, our economy is likely to stagnate. Businesses rely upon a diverse workforce to succeed, and without attractive, affordable housing options, new residents and the companies that employ them will look elsewhere. The resulting loss of tax revenues will mean that everyone elses taxes on Long Island will likely go up. Additionally, post-World War II patterns of suburban sprawl are becoming increasingly unappealing to a young generation of college graduates looking for cultural and social offerings amid vibrant, multiple-use, walkable neighborhoods. Many of them are living with relatives, gravitating toward illegal housing or simply moving out, view website creating a damaging demographic shift on the Island.
For the original version including any supplementary images or video, visit http://www.longisland.com/news/09-24-13/rental-housing-crisis-straining-long-islands-economy.html

Barry Dolowich: Rental and vacation home deductions

If the taxpayer rents the home at a fair rental value to any person (including a relative listed above), for use as that person's principal residence, such use by that person is not considered personal use by the taxpayer. The term "vacation home" means a dwelling unit, including a house, apartment, condominium, house trailer, boat, or similar property. Deductions allowed without regard to whether the home is used for business or the production of income, such as those for mortgage interest, property taxes, or a casualty loss, are not affected by these limitation rules. If the home is not used by you for personal purposes for a) more than 14 days during the tax year, or b) more than 10 percent of the number of days during the year for which the home is rented at a fair market rental, whichever is greater, deduction limitations (Code Section 280A) do not apply. However, the deductibility of expenses still may be subject to the hobby loss rules (Code Section 183) if rental of the residence is not engaged in for profit.
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