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Rental Car Companies Never Stop Trying To Gouge You

Ed Perkins Apparently, that ancient system has migrated online. For some reason, my laptop computer couldn't log onto the airport's WiFi, so I went to the airport's "service center," stuffed some coins into the slot and logged onto Hertz. Next problem: In Germany, hertz.com automatically logs onto the German Hertz website, and even when you select "English" for language, you still get German prices. I couldn't coax the system to log me onto the U.S.
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Bookstore to launch textbook rental program

Once the textbooks are returned, however, the student does not receive any money back as the rental price of the book reflects the cost of using the book for the semester as well as a significant saving over the regular price of the book, according to West LA Colleges website. Here at SMC, Dever said they have click tried other ways to help students receive the textbooks they need. We always try to buy books back from students, and what the college has done to help students is get cheaper loose-leaf books because publishers dont have to add glue, gloss and nice photos to them, said Dever. However, the publishing companies know that these loose-leaf books cannot be re-sold, and next year students will have no choice but to buy another.
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