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Guccione, Jr. Helps Bmi Celebrate A Diverse 75 Years

2013-12-04-BMI_spark_valuing_music_since_1939770x433.gif "It is different from most other music, that adolescence is one thing that sets it apart. British Music, African Music, Indian, Asian...these are cultural types of music, steeped in a long history and tradition. American Music still very much has a younger voice, a point of view," he went on.
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Virgin gatecrashes BA's bmi deal

Virgin Atlantic Cabin Crew walk past the Treasury in London, June 16, 2011. REUTERS/Luke MacGregor However, IAG says its holding at Heathrow is small compared with rivals at other European hubs -- Lufthansa holds two-thirds of the slots at Frankfurt, while Air France-KLM (AIRF.PA) has 59 percent at Charles de Gaulle in Paris and 57 percent at Amsterdam's Schiphol. "British Airways' hold over Heathrow is already too dominant and we are very concerned, as the competition authorities should also be, that BA's purchase of bmi would be disastrous for consumer choice and competition," a Virgin spokeswoman said. The Times newspaper in London earlier cited banking sources as saying the Virgin offer was thought to be in the region of 50 million pounds, while IAG's was about double that figure, excluding pension and restructuring costs.
For the original version including any supplementary images or video, visit http://www.reuters.com/article/2011/12/12/uk-bmi-virginatlantic-idUSLNE7BB02P20111212

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